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    TEZELLER – A Leader in the Industry;

    Our founder is the Deceased Mehmet TOPTAŞ

    Our company started its production with yellow and brass siphon production between 1959 and 1978 under the brand name of Tezeller and mass Floater production has been initiated in 1976.

    All of our products are manufactured in our own factory and they are examined by our specialized staff during the assembly phase.

    Our products are manufactured using high quality world-class raw materials and are sold on all around Turkey primarily with the brand TEZELLER.

    Besides, we export to countries such as; Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kosovo.

    Our aim is to give our valuable customers a smooth and high-quality service. For this, we are dedicated here to help you with our specialized staff.

    We are grateful to our valued customers who enable us to become a brand.